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About Art:Discussion Group

We have exciting event news that thrills us!🦄

We are restarting the discussion group that our beloved Doğa from our community ran during the pandemic under the roof of the Station. If you're curious about what this discussion group is and what we'll do just like us, you can swipe through this post to get the details.

We would like to emphasize once again, the event is open to everyone from every background, every profession: engineers, dentists, biologists, architects, lawyers, doctors, sculptors, data scientists, graphic designers, sociologists, psychologists, photographers, accountants, bankers, software engineers, Audiologists, pharmacists, veterinarians, painters, statisticians, historians, opticians, human resources, astrologers, dietitians, archaeologists, masons, ceramic artists, nurses, filmmakers…


You can access the form you need to fill out to participate in these events for free by clicking on the link in our profile.



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